The easiest path to success is to follow in the footsteps of someone who already achieved what you want.

That’s why we research, source, and launch thousands of successful products on Amazon. It’s all to help people like you achieve fast results.

We know exactly how to find you a profitable, low competition, easy-to-sell product immediately.

We will walk you through it in only 7 days.

You can follow the exact directions we give even with no experience.

Going through the instructions and doing the action steps takes no more than 30 minutes per day, so you do it all in the morning, afternoon, or night!

We just recommend you commit to at least 30 minutes per day when you join the One Product Challenge.

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Day 1: Introduction

Why picking the right product to launch is critical to building your business and saves you from making big mistakes

Day 2: Creating Your List Of Interests

Start a list of your interests to begin the product search and find some starting categories. 

(You’ll also get access to Zoof – the leading product software for Amazon sellers)  

Day 3: Amazing Product & Profit Criteria (Badge Day)

What criteria your product must meet to beat competition and generate 6-figure profits

(We’ll award you with your “Found Product” badge on Day 3!)

Day 4: Finding Suppliers & Product Costs

Run the numbers to choose your most profitable product opportunity, get resources to quote local and international shipping costs by air and sea, and calculate accurate profit estimates.  >>

<< continued..

(Use our professionally-written email templates to communicate with potential suppliers and get the best price for your products… even if you’ve never negotiated before.)

Day 5: Product Tuning & Choosing Your Final Product

Finding your unique selling point to fly by competitors and discovering what your audience likes and dislikes about your product

Day 6: Creating Your Brand 

Using 3 digital tools to form the perfect brand name, create a stand-out logo, and build your new brand

Day 7: Graduation Ceremony & Next Steps

Attend a special graduation ceremony LIVE to celebrate your success and learn the exact next steps to create lasting financial freedom with your new product and brand.

Let's see if you qualify...