Legendary Marketer Review & Bonuses

Legendary Marketer – Review & Bonuses

What is Legendary Marketer & Who is Dave Sharpe?

In this review, we’ll discuss what Legendary Marketer is all about, the various products it provides, and I’ll also give away special bonuses if you decide to sign up for the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge for just $7.

Let’s get started….

Dave Sharpe founded The Legendary Marketer, which has been around for a while.

For the time being, it has positioned itself as an education provider, assisting students in leveraging this training to build online businesses or assisting existing businesses in optimizing and scaling up.

15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge

Currently Legendary Marketer is offering a 15-Day Business Builder Challenge that you can join in for just $ 7 – and that’s certainly a bargain.  It’s a 15 day-by-day, step-by-step training module to help you get your business up and ready.  

You’ll learn about value ladder, how to actually sell high ticket products at the back end of your funnel, so that you can actually be profitable if you run paid advertising. 

I think the training inside of this 15-Day Challenge is really good, especially if you consider the price tag of just $ 7.

What Else Is Available in Legendary Marketer?

The least expensive product they have is ‘The Insiders Guide’ ebook, it’s all about Affiliate Marketing, and it costs only $1.99 cents – and again, it’s a great value because it’s got some great content in there.

With this book, you will also get access to the audio version, which is useful, especially when you need to multitask while doing other chores.

And when you sign up for The Marketers Club, you’ll also get access to their weekly live training including topics like marketing, storytelling, ad copy writing and a lot more.  And if you can’t attend the live training – you can always access the replays.

I am an established marketer – and personally, there is so much more that I can learn from being in The Marketer Club.  And I’m a believer of lifelong learning – and paying $30 a month is definitely worth it.

Legendary Marketer Business Blueprint

The Legendary Marketer’s flagship program is called the Business Blueprint.  It’s a high ticket offer – a blueprint, step by step training in four different business models: the first Affiliate Marketing, Digital Products, Events and Masterminds, and finally, Coaching and Consulting.  

Plus, you will also get access to other courses like the Traffic University that takes you to a whole new level into advertising or paid traffic methods. 

The program is priced at $2500 and if you’re ready for in depth training into all  those four different business models – then it’s certainly value for money. 

Join The 15 Day Challenge &
Grab These Bonuses

Grab these exclusive bonuses, only available if you sign up for the 15 Day Challenge via any of the orange buttons on this page. 

After you’ve signed up, you can CLICK HERE for instructions on how to claim your bonuses.

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