Commission Jumpstart by Ross Minchev - Review, Alternative & Bonuses

Commission Jumpstart (Ross Minchev) Affiliate Program Review & Alternatives

Is Commission Jumpstart by Ross Minchev legit or A Scam?

If you’ve been on YouTube looking for make money online videos, then you’d probably have stumbled on to one of Ross Minchev’s videos.

He offers lots of snippets and bite-size training, but still – there’s lots of missing pieces that you’d only find in his full training course – Commission Jumpstart program.

We all know that it’s important to carry out our own due diligence before deciding to join or pay for any training program. 

That said, no matter how good a training program may be – if we DON’T do the work, put any effort or take any action… then we can’t expect to ever be successful even if we have bought a top-notch million-dollar program.

What is Commission Jumpstart, and how much does it cost?

Commission Jumpstart is definitely legit, and is not a scam.  It teaches a successful method that makes use of Clickbank products.

At the end of the day, if you’re going to promote a product, you should be absolutely certain that what you’re promoting will do exactly what it says on the tin.

There are two ways to promote offers: paid and free.

Commission Jumpstart uses paid advertising through Facebook, which has a learning curve but is probably the most trusted and cheapest method available.

The program starts at $297 (at time of print).  But there are a lot of other upsells.

With a price tag of $397, up from $297, we believe the amount of training you receive is well worth it.

Other costs, such as paid advertising, must be considered, which a complete beginner will not be prepared for.

Unfortunately, Ross’s method can only be implemented through paid advertising and there’s a steep learning curve.

Costs are always an issue when you first embark on this journey, which is why it’s critical to plan ahead of time.

There are other good alternatives that you might want to consider…

What you get with Commission Jumpstart

Commission Jumpstart includes a step-by-step plan to take you from zero to $0-$1,000 per day.

Ross demonstrates everything he knows to you on video.

  • How to Find Profitable Clickbank Products to Promote
  • How to Design a High-Converting Landing Page
  • How to Use the AIP Method He Uses
  • In addition to his quiz opt-in landing page
  • Everything you need to know about making Facebook ads.
  • When you start making a profit, how do you scale your campaign?
  • Goes over a free method using Facebook briefly

Here are the 16 modules that come with Commission Jumpstart…

Module #1 – Fundamentals

Module #2 – Offers on Clickbank to promote

Module #3 – Spying on your competition

Module #4 – Spying paid tool

Module #5 – Creating a high converting landing page

Module #6 – Hosting and domains

Module #7 – Logo creation

Module #8 – Business and fan page creation

Module #9 – Fan page hacks

Module #10 – Domain authentication

Module #11 – Pixels and tracking

Module #12 – Targeting, ad sets and campaigns

Module #13 – Facebook and ad policy

Module #14 – Facebook ad creation

Module #15 – Statistics

Module #16 – Ad account longevity

Have you tried this?

Final thoughts about Commission Jumpstart

There are just too many training programs in the market today – and  majority of them simply do not work as they claim.

The commission Jumpstart, on the other hand, has a good vibe to it, and we checked out a few things on his YouTube channel first.

You may believe that all you need to do is watch a couple of these YouTube videos and you’ll be good to go.  But that’s not it – because there’s always a piece of the puzzle missing, and discovering it will cost you $397.

Worthwhile Alternatives to Commission Jumpstart you might find interesting

#1 – The Ministry of Freedom by Jono Amstrong 

#2 – Partner With Anthony Program

#3 – 301K Challenge by Igor Kheifets

#4 – 15Day Business Builder Challenge & Training by Dave Sharpe