Traffic generation - why it's important and how to generate free traffic in 15 seconds

Traffic Generation – Why it’s so important and How to get FREE traffic

No Traffic, No Business

It’s as simple as that…  because traffic brings buyers leads that we can build and nurture to become our loyal customers.

It’s a busy, noisy, crowded and competitive world out there – online – and you really have to work hard in getting a slice of that traffic.   What’s more.. you also want to try to get it for free whenever possible.

Whether you’re a beginner or veteran marketer or entrepreneur – you know that there are various ways of generating free online traffic. But most methods takes a lot of time and effort.

What if we can find a faster, easier and free method to do just that? But before that, let’s quickly go through some of the other free traffic generation methods:

#1: Boost Your Page Rankings With SEO

The minute you start your online business or have online presence, you should try to get this set in place.  It’s more of a long-term, free and consistent traffic generation method – but since you’re also building and growing your business, authority and ranking over time… this method makes perfect sense and should not be ignored.

There are two part is SEO optimisation:  The On-Page or Off-Page SEO.

What About This Method?

#2: Commenting on Blogs or Forums

Blog commenting is an excellent free traffic source for affiliate marketing blogs, and all you have to do is leave comments on other blogs in your niche.

When commenting, you should ideally use your blog’s URL address rather than a direct affiliate link that takes people directly to an offer (You can do that, but it might seem spammy and get your comment deleted).

Blog commenting is a fantastic way to drive traffic to a new website, and it’s also a lot of fun networking with people in your niche.

However, when commenting on forums (such as Quora or Reddit) – make sure that you are not just spamming your URLs everywhere.  Ensure that your comments are relevant and of value to users.  For a start, just include your URL in your bio/profile page.

#3: Facebook and Groups

Many marketers find success in generating traffic from Facebook.

But avoid spamming friends and family with affiliate links.  

Start by creating a Facebook page or group for each niche in which you want to promote affiliate products, and post your content there.

Don’t go overboard with the promotion, though, because Facebook is quick to ban accounts, especially if their posts are frequently reported as spam.

In Conclusion...

I know that getting free traffic takes time and may appear difficult at first.  But every entrepreneur needs it.  We can get it the free way or the paid way (via advertising).

But if you have $1 to spare, then start learning how you can generate free traffic in 15 seconds.

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